[Resume] Hongxin (Dean) Long Resume 2022 For Recruiters

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[Resume] Hongxin (Dean) Long Resume 2022 For Recruiters

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An Unique Senior Performance Manager in The Market

Hey recruiters, have you recently contacted me about an exciting opportunity in your company? Or you just connected with me via Linkedin and want to get a copy of my resume for any future opening. I created this portal to give you easy, free access to my up-to-date resume so that you can learn more about my performance skill sets, data science experience and past growth projects. If you do not have the code and you happen to have an amazing role in senior performance director, head of performance or growth manager, feel free to contact me on my Linkedin.

My Experience in A Nutshell

I'm a sydney-based performance marketing and communication professional with expertise in SaaS, Furniture, Foreign Trade and Gaming industries. I specialise in branding & user acquisition, E-commerce optimisation, integrated marketing communication and event operations. I live and breathe performance and what differentiates me from most marketers is that my skill set expands to data science and web development. My Knowledge towards HTML5, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, Python, data analytics and data visualisation allows me to truly understand performance and access insight & data that is under the hood.

I have a 7-year track record of successfully delivering projects and results. I am now looking to advance my career by taking on new challenges and new opportunities in a senior capacity.

I Am Looking For

  • Head of Performance
  • Performance Director
  • Senior Performance Manager
  • Head of Search
  • Senior Growth Manager

Don't Take My Word For It

I am very lucky to get recognized by a lot of amazing talents for my knowledge and hardwork, and I am very proud that share that with you. Head to my portfolio and you can see more details.

My Knowledge Base

Head to my knowledge base to check my marketing two cents on Business, SEO, Paid Search and Paid Social

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