Content Management - Case study for

Content Management - Case study for

July 31, 2023
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Writing content online definitely sounds easy enough, but there are many different kinds of content get published, all with varying needs of marketing. Think about more than just words on the page is needed. It’s impressive to see that Mayrah provides abundant visual contact on each component on the website. But unfortunately, not much text content can be found on Mayrah website which is considered not the best practice for search engine optimisation and user-friendly intend. Keywords should be determined in advance in order to establish content management. The strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action. It comprises substance and structure.

1.1 Structure

The structure indicates the placement planning through the whole website and how content is prioritised, organised, formatted, and displayed. This usually includes how to optimise, categorise and distribute content.

1.1.1 Placement

Four major components can be better organised in order to conduct a better content management: homepage, category page, product page and blog. Structure content is the primary principle of copywriting and content management.

(Creating interesting new content can generate links from other websites.Source:

Homepage, as the first page that users most likely to browse and search engine to index. A 300-500 words copy should be attached at the footer of the page. Visitors are more curious about the story or the original source when they first learn about a new brand and google search spider are more likely to crawl the homepage first to analysis the primary business of this website. Attach a background story or a unique selling points demonstration is recommended. What’s more, there should be alt text on every image that posted on the website which will help search engine better to read those images and lists on the image search.

Categories are well presented based on the type of clothing, but there is no sub-category on “Lifestyle”. Only product list is visual in each category page which is less SEO and user -friendly. Text content explaining the type of the product should be added, and a top banner will be helpful to improve the click-through rate and the average browsing time. Those will help web visitors have a better understanding of the unique feature of Mayrah products and gain more user attachment.

A blog is the most needed as a critical strategy of content management. It’s a perfect platform for story-telling and text content gathering. Mayrah doesn’t have its blog yet which means create a blog is an urgent task. Also, content should be added on title tag, heading tag and meta description for every page in order to make those well-organised.

1.12 Structure content

The text content should be product-relevant and easy to read. “Structure content” concept has been brought up into copywriting. There are several ways to structure the copy and help search engine to capture the content and present rich snippet feature on SERP.

A list is a excellent way to outline the key points and also make the whole article well organised; table and diagram make the comparison clearer; paragraphing and titles present structure information to the audience; make sure there are other supporting pages and external resources the text links to. Those are proved good practice to manage copywriting.

1.2 Diversity

Diversity can also be called “Substance” to indicate the types of content that a website possesses. It also involves the thematic messages that the website owner should convey to its users. Organising and evaluating content should be an on-going process and make sure it includes call-to-action and access for sharing to the social media.

1.21 Types of content

No matter it’s a copy in the standard pages or a post in the blog. There are different types of content can be posted to optimize the diversity: a) Evergreen content is the most frequently used content type on copywriting (Rachel D, 2018). This type of material is to describe certain kinds of stories that are always of interest to readers. In Mayrah case, the process of clothing manufacturing, the tutorial of styling or the background story of this brand can be considered long-lasting attractive content. b) trading content which can also be considered as business current affair update. Sales promotion and ongoing industry affair would be a excellent choice to be part of the content planning. The customer would like to know more about the latest news and trend if they are interested in the fashion industry. c) There are many festivals and public holidays can be used as good causes to generate more leads for e-commerce businesses. Seasonal content should be included as the B2C business relies on the changing seasons. Timing is everything, Mayrah should keep an eye on identifying the opportunities and planning ahead with seasonal content. d)General content.

(Seasonal content can be organized ahead of time-based on the trend. Source:

1.22 Format

List post - A list post is an article in a list format. It lists a number of reasons, tips, methods, shortcuts, types, ways, trends. Next to infographic, this is the most popular post format as per the number of social shares is concerned. Also, Mayrah can implement “How to” post to provide instructional content. This particular type of post is suitable for trading content. In the fashion industry, an endorsement from influencers or experts can be compelling. Maryrah Interview post can be conducted for Mayrah in order to gain more recognition. What’s more checklist and case study formats are good content for B2B business which is correlated to Maryrah wholesale business.

(An example of list format post. Source:

For more initial research for please see the attached slideshow.

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