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My Expertise

From more than five years, I’ve been leading successful marketing projects in Gaming, Foreign Trade, Advertising, Retail and Furniture industries.

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  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • Paid Social Campaign
  • Display & Video Advertising
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
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Creative Design

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier
  • Animation
  • UX Optimisation
  • Strategic Branding
  • Spark AR
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Data Analysis

  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualisation
  • Market Survey
  • Quantitative research
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • SQL, Data Studio & Tableau
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Scrum Master

  • MBA in Marketing
  • Trained Scrum Master
  • Project Coordination
  • Team Leading

My Achievements

Click Through Rate Performance

Click Through Rate

I combine creative design, engaging copy and pain-point targeting in all advertising campaigns to maintain 3% - 10.2% Click Through Rate (CTR) with a stable Cost Per Action (CPA)


Return on Ads Spend

I'm experienced with multichannel sales and digital marketing in B2B & B2C environments. By doing budget planning and optimisation, I was able to achieve a 15% online monthly sales increase with an average of 1200% return on ads spend.

230% Organic Traffic Growth

Organic Traffic Growth

I lead website optimisation projects through UX optimisation and design thinking. My tinkering online growth resulted in 230% traffic boost, 2:08 time-on-site extension, 0.86 pages-per-session increase and 5.13% bounce rate drop.

100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Satisfaction Rate

Developing all online communications, social media posting, store sale and customer feedback channels for niche
online/offline marketing. I pride myself in 100% customer satisfaction rate in all online communications.

My Creatives

Don't Take My Word For It

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io

Dean worked in the Performance Marketing team at Koala. In that time, Dean was a great asset to the marketing team, and performance marketing team specifically.

He worked across our search (paid and organic) and affiliate program and the remit also extended into digital marketing data analytics, visualisation and feed management.

Dean positively contributed to the performance strategy, activation and management and was always happy to support other functions of the business as relevant.Dean is a passionate marketer, with great curiosity and a drive to challenge and improve the status quo.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Sally Phelps, Director, Media at Koala
Sally Phelps
Director, Media
A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io

Dean showed impressive skills in team lead and data analysis. His comprehensive understanding of the business context impressed me a lot. He well-adapted tasks at hand in planning, assigning and managing the team to reach maximum efficiency as well as boost morale.

Dean demonstrated a profound knowledge of data visualization and in-depth analysis, and his presentation skills establish deep engagement with the audience.We were always discussing marketing projects at hand, and he can always give useful insight and suggestions for improvement and execution.

As a marketer in e-commerce, he is also able to provide me with helpful advice in HTML & CSS coding. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a skilled marketing specialist.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Lola HongMarketing Manager at Netease Games
Lola Hong
Marketing Manager
Netease Games
A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io

Hongxin (Dean) Long put tremendous effort into his assignments and class preparation. He demonstrated a profound understanding of the concepts and knowledge in my unit Frontiers of Branding.

I was continually impressed by his marketing skills, ability to combine hands-on experience and branding knowledge as well as his dedication to engaging in classwork. Dean was proactive in class and always delivered high-quality assignments on time.

Additionally, he shows talent in creative visualisation and presentation skills - his presentation and animation video made the group project stand out. Dean worked very well with his teammates on group projects, which is essential for team projects.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Nicole Stegemann Senior Lecturer at University of Western Sydney
Nicole Stegemann
Senior Lecturer
University of Western Sydney

Dean is a hard worker and always strived to deliver high quality outcomes. This is evident in his ability to really understand the project at hand, and be thorough with planning, managing and executing the project.

Dean showed a lot of creativity in engaging the audience. I was impressed by his video animation and presentation skills. He was also able to find value from data through his in-depth visualisation and data analysis using Tableau and Excel.

He was a great team lead and always provided guidance and feedback when needed. It was a pleasure to work with Dean. I wish him every success in his future journey.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.ioA quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Hunny Chanthasaeng Developer of Data Analytics in Telstra
Hunny Chanthasaeng
Developer of Data Analytics

Dean (Hong Xin) is a hardworking individual who is meticulous and results-oriented.

He is sensitive to upcoming marketing trends and responsive to market needs.What I like about Dean is his desire to always be on top of things, which is very helpful during crunch time. He is organised and is amazing at delegating work and priorities.

I would definitely recommend Dean in any of his endeavours. He is competent, efficient and blends well with team without losing his individuality.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.ioA quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Ron Rocio Education Coordinator at Financial Planning Association
Ron Rocio
Education Coordinator
Financial Planning Association

Dean was one of the top MBA students to complete my Innovation, Creativity and Foresight MBA classes over the last five years at Western Sydney University. Dean is passionate about exploring, analyzing and presenting new ideas, especially through scenarios around new products and services.

Dean demonstrated strong creativity and leadership skills to develop and produce a set of future work scenarios using AI tools and frameworks in a powerful combination of compelling roleplays and video vignettes. Dean learned and effectively applied Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) to an e-commerce work project, demonstrated very strong research and analytical skills through written and oral activities.

I am recommending Dean as a great addition to organizations that are seeking to develop and deliver innovative future products & services.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.ioA quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Hugh Paddingson - Senior Lecturer, Coordinator, Postgraduate Internship Program, School of Business at Western Sydney
Hugh Paddingson
Senior Lecturer, Coordinator
Western Sydney University

Dean always showed interest in my personal growth as an employee and always showed leadership and inspired good work. These are traits that I feel not only made him excel as a marketing manager but it also illustrated to me personal values that shaped my own career ambitions.

What impressed me about Dean the most was his ability to juggle multiple tasks with professionalism. Our workload was often fast-paced and deadline driven. Dean was a really effective team leader because he spent the time to understand the requirements from each stakeholder before delegating tasks to our team.

During task implementation, Dean was able to effectively communicate across the spectrum from technical to administrative, front end coding (HTML, CSS, Java), data analysis, visualisation and creative design. But above all, Dean was a firm believer in user experience design and instilled these values in our team as we delivered work through every stage.

A quoto image in review section | Deanlong.ioA quoto image in review section | Deanlong.io
Alfred Yu - E-commerce Web Developer at Bedworks
Alfred Yu
E-commerce Web Developer
5-star rated marketing skills

My Clients

myCompanion.com.au Logo - Sydney based Pet Food CompanyCelo VPN LogoKoala Furniture - SydneyBedworks Logo | DEANLONG.ioWoolworth MobileESSA.CN Toy Export37 GamesMobvista.Netease GamesLinktree Link to DEANLONG.io - SydneyOvira Australia Logo | DEANLONG.io
Dean Long - Growth Marketing Expert

Meet Deano

Digital marketing is complex - it requires craftsmanship to unlock customer's need and evoke their emotions.

What I do can be challenging. It requires dedication, creativity and constant evolution in a fast-paced space. However, I love building trust and establish long-term customer relationships via creativity and innovation. The passion makes my life happier and rewarding.

The right ideas are in the right hands - I'm a Sydney-based creative marketing and communication professional with expertise in various industries. I specialise in branding & user acquisition, retail marketing, E-commerce optimisation, integrated marketing communication and event operations. More recently, I have managed many digital projects like converting brick-and-mortar retail businesses into digital powerhouses and managing international Google Ad budget. My comprehensive skills in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, data analytics and data visualisation differentiates me from other regular marketers. Currently, I am the Paid Search & SEO Lead at Linktree.

Now I am looking to advance my career by taking on new challenges and new opportunities in a senior capacity. Have a chat with me, and let's grow together!

Contact me via email: [email protected]


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Card Memory Game

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Dog Therapy

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