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I’ve Got You Covered.

I power clients' commercial growth and develop campaigns that drive brand engagement. By sharing industry updates and thoughts from my weekly research, my skills are always relevant to bring valuable insights to your market!

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From website audit to paid campaign management, I can create transparent, high-value strategies and deliver real results. I pride myself on bringing value to my clients through innovative approaches and services with a global reach.

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I am a data-driven marketing guru that delivers creative communications strategies with customer insights and interests at the core. My approaches and performance promote personal & professional growth and will always dare you to dream BIG.

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While digital technology changes at an incredibly fast pace, I am constantly sharing ideas, learning and adapting. My blog focuses on creativity and foresight into digital marketing. Moreover, my stories present a personal growth that helps you understand me better.

How innovation & creativity
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Dive into industry insights and proven strategies for building success online. Discover how digital marketing makes an impact on the customer shopping journey.

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Live a dynamic life

In 2017, I came to Australia to explore this magical land with an unwritten future.

This ongoing journey offered me a unique opportunity to explore further of what I love - my marketing career, my fitness and my mental well-being.

As a marketing professional and a "passion" developer, I want to present you the extraordinary of what I have encountered - professionally and personally. Have a chat with me, and let's grow together.


Dean Long
Multimedia Guru
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