Zero Co vs Cove vs Biome: See Who Reigns Supreme On Zero Waste

Zero Co vs Cove vs Biome: See Who Reigns Supreme On Zero Waste

July 31, 2023

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Zero Co vs Cove vs Biome: See Who Reigns Supreme On Zero Waste

You're ready and waiting to purchase better cleaning products for the earth, but there's something in the way — which zero waste brand do you choose? I understand; there is so much to consider! But I've made it super easy for you by comparing the prices, features, ingredients, the true zero-waste factors, and all the extras to find the overall winner.

Let's start with a biggie — the price of Zero Co, Cove, and Biome.

The Battle of The Prices

If you're simply looking for the cheapest upfront starter kit, Cove is for you at $69.90. But, I'd recommend taking Zero Co and Biome's promotions into account before making a decision.

Zero Co's starter box is $159. However, you can save $40 by using their WELCOME offer on your first purchase. Inside, you find everything you need to keep your home (of four people) spick and span for two to three months, including:

  • Good multi-purpose cleaner
  • Air freshener
  • Laundry liquid
  • Bodywash
  • Good handwash refill
  • Reusable dispensers
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Dishwasher tabs
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • and more!

Biome takes a more customised approach, allowing you to build your own starter kit with products you'll definitely use. For a complete set, I recommend budgeting around $92. Oh, and you get 7% cashback, which everybody loves.

So, Who Wins?

Zero Co takes the win for this round. Even though it's not the cheapest upfront, you get such a lot for your hard-earned dollars. Plus, the refill cost ranges from $7 to $38, which is often cheaper than Cove's $16.95 to $34.95 prices.

Zero Co vs Cove vs Biome: Features

All three of these best refillable cleaning products companies are made in Australia. However, I quickly realised their formulas and packaging features vary wildly.

For instance, Zero Co is the only company that works to clear the present rubbish from the planet. They use ocean-waste plastic they pull from beaches, out of the seas, and from landfills to craft their reusable dispensers. In comparison, Cove and Biome focus solely on decreasing the production of single-use plastics.

With that said, Cove and Zero Co are both greywater and septic safe. But Biome and Zero Co boast palm oil-free formulas. 

So, Who Wins?

Truthfully, I had a tricky time deciding the winner of this category. All the companies showcase great features.

However, I'll use product variety as the deciding factor, meaning both Biome and Zero Co win (they offer body care products alongside the best refillable cleaning products).

Are They Really Zero Waste?

Only Zero Co is truly zero-waste. Here's how their cyclical system works:

  1. You buy the starter kit with dispensers and refill pouches.
  2. You empty the refill pouches (made from recycled plastic, FYI) into the dispensers.
  3. You send the pouches back for free.
  4. Zero Co uses them for your next order.

On the other hand, Cove's aluminium bottles are made to be reused, but you end up having to recycle the pouches with soft plastics. Although, they're made from 80% less plastic than standard bottles.

As for Biome, they offset shipping emissions, and all their packaging is eco-friendly. However, the refills must be recycled with them, making the service not totally zero waste.

So, Who Wins?

Zero Co, for obvious reasons!

Ingredients: Which Is Kindest to You and The Environment?

Companies tend to make cleaning formulas from petrochemicals. But not these companies. These best refillable cleaning products aren't just ridding the world of SUPs but also using plant-based ingredients.

See for yourself:

  • Zero Co — All the formulas are plant-based, making them safe for you and the environment. They're also cruelty-free, grey water safe, and palm oil-free (except the dishwasher tabs).
  • Biome — The formulas available at Biome are vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free. But not everything is plant-based.
  • Cove — The active ingredients in their products are all plant-derived. Plus, they don't use synthetic fragrances, so everything down to the aroma is oh-so-natural. Furthermore, their refill pouches contain more active ingredients and 75% less water than normal.

So, Who Wins?

Zero Co and Cove for their commitment to plant-based, clean, healthy formulas!

Honourable Mention: CHANGE Tabs

Looking for an ultra alternative eco cleaning solution? Change, the tablet-based better cleaning products for earth solution, could be the answer. For less than $2 per tab, you get a superior clean and say goodbye to most of the plastic in your cupboard.

Who Is The Overall Zero Waste Champion?

Let's touch base again and compare all our zero-waste cleaning options here

Zero Waste Cleaning Products ComparisonZero CoCoveBiomeWinnerNoteHonorable Mention - Change
Awesome BrandsZero CoCoveBiomeCHANGE
Reviews4.8⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review HereReview Here4.6⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Review Here3.8 ⭐⭐⭐Review hereZero CoZERO CO has 5-star customer service4.8⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 Reviews Here
Is it Really Zero-Waste?✔ Yes. Customer can send the refill pack for free so that ZERO CO can resue it for the next order❌ Not Really. It still requires customer to recycle with the rest of the pouches. And they are not made of recycled materials!❌ Not Really. It still requires customer to recycle with the rest of the pouches. Zero Co🤔 Not Really. The tablet wrappers use a mixture of foil and paper wrappingIt still requires customer to recycle with the rest of the packages.
Starter Kit$159 $69.90 $92.3 (DIY)CoveTheir Start Kits Contain Different Products$44.95
Promotion$40 Off using code WELCOMENone7% CashbackZero CoZero Co offers bigger volume of products with a high discount. However, Biome offer various choices.None
Delivery$10 Australia-wide, free if you spend over $199Free Shipping for Orders Over $60Free Shipping for Orders Over $60Zero Co & CoveZero Co gets it even with the promo codeFree Delivery
Refill Cost (Range)$7 - $38$16.95 - $34.95$92.3 in total ($19.5 + $20 + $10.95 + $12.95 + $19.95 + $8.95)Zero Co$33.38
What's Inside'- 2-3mth supply - For an average 4-person home- Handwash (1L), - Bodywash (1L), - Laundry Liquid (4L), - Multi-Purpose Spray (1L), - Dishwashing Liquid (1L), - Dishwasher Tablets (50pk), - Stain Remover (500ml), - Shower Cleaner (500ml), - Toilet Cleaner (500ml), - Air Freshener (250ml) - 9 x Reusable Dispensers made from Ocean, Beach & Landfill plastic (OBL).'- 475ml - 1 x Laundry bottle (empty)+ 1 x Laundry Refill - 1 x Surface bottle (empty) + 1 x Surface Refill - 1 x Bathroom bottle (empty)+ 1 x Bathroom Refill - 1 x Glass bottle (empty)+ 1 x Glass Refill - 3 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloths '- Green Potions No. 13 - Laundry Powder 1kg- The Botanical Life Co. Sparkling Surface Spray 500ml- Euclove Glass & Mirror Cleaning Spray 500ml- Lil' Bit Dishwasher Tablets 20pk - Cajeput & Wimmera Pink Salt- Green Potions No. 15 - Bathroom Cleaner(500ml)- That Red House Laundry Stick Stain Remover 55g - Lemon Myrtle (2)Zero Co- 1 x Multipurpose repeat bottle & 4 pack of tabs- 1x Glass repeat bottle & 4 pack of tabs- 1x 4 pack of Water Bottle tablets- 1x 4 pack of Washing Machine tablets
Product Features------------------------------------------------------------------------
Made From Ocean-waste PlasticZero Co
Plant-based FormulasZero Co & Cove
Made in AustraliaAll
Grey Water & Septic SafeUnknownZero Co & Cove
Palm Oil FreeZero Co & Biome
Kitchen, Shower & Body Care RangeOnly Cleaning ProductsZero Co & Biome🤔 Mostly Cleaning Products
Added Value------------------------------------------------------------------------
Reusable Pouches & Send Back For FreeZero Co
30-Day Money Back Guarantee Zero Co & Cove
Vegan & Cruelty Free🤔 (Not Clear About Vegan)
Other Value------------------------------------------------------------------------
Offline StoresCove Surface, Glass and Bathroom are available at Coles and Laundry Liquid is available in Woolworths and selected IGA stores. Cove & Biome
WebsiteZero CoCove CleaningBiome>CHANGE

After all that, I'd say we have a clear winner — Zero Co! Everything from their formulas to pricing to their totally no-waste system gives them the upper hand. But Biome is definitely a close second (and possibly number one if you love a do-it-yourself deal!

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