Remarkable Outdoor Living’S Furniture Feature On Channel 9’s Today Show Raffle

Remarkable Outdoor Living’S Furniture Feature On Channel 9’s Today Show Raffle

May 2, 2024
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After I joined the Remarkable Outdoor Living team as the Head of Marketing, the company’s furniture was included in two different ‘Win-a-Home’ raffle prizes. Furthermore, the pieces were featured on Channel 9’s Today Show where hundreds of thousands of Australians got to see them.

About ‘Win-a-Home’

We were thrilled to become part of such an amazing project. The main goal of ‘Win-a-Home’ is to give Australians the opportunity to win a mortgage-free house that is already filled with high-quality furniture. Individuals can try their luck by purchasing raffle tickets.

Another thing that makes the project so special is the fact that a part of the money goes towards supporting various charities, like parent education and the Kids Helpline. 

As ‘Win-a-Home’ typically features high-value properties that can be worth several million dollars, it was important for me as the Head of Marketing of Remarkable Outdoor Living to showcase that even though the prices of the company's furniture are often lower than those of the competition, the pieces can easily become part of a high-end interior thanks to the best materials and stunning designs

The ticket sales have already been closed for both of the properties. But I would definitely encourage you to check out the videos and photos of the Gold Coast properties to see how lovely the outdoor furniture looks: 

  • Buderim – a $2.9M meticulously designed property with three levels
  • Miami – a $2.9M four-floor home with a private elevator

We have provided dozens of outdoor furniture items that perfectly fit the multi-million-dollar properties. 

Bristol Dining Set and Lawson Armchairs, Source:
Zen Outdoor Round Table and Helene Rope Chairs, Source:
Iowa Lounge setup with the Neverland Side Table, Source:
Clifton Ceramic Table and Auto Wicker Chairs, Source:

About Channel 9’s Today Show

The Today Show is the most talked about breakfast show in Australia that brings the viewers the latest in news, finances, entertainment, sports, and a lot more every weekday from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM. 

Each week, the Today Show reaches around 1.6 million viewers. It has also managed to build a powerful community on social media with 2.4M Facebook followers and over 331K followers on Instagram. 

It is safe to say that thousands of Australians cannot imagine their morning without watching the Today Show, and getting featured on it is a hard-to-reach milestone for most businesses. 

But with me as the Head of Marketing, Remarkable Outdoor Living was able to showcase its exquisite pieces in one of the most cherished breakfast shows in the country. As a result, more people had a chance to discover the high-quality furniture that the company makes and put Remarkable Outdoor Living on their radar.

Channel 9’s Today Show plays an important role in promoting the ‘Win-a-Home’ project. The fact that the winners of the raffle would be able to fully enjoy the beautiful furniture for many years is truly fascinating, and I'm glad that hundreds of thousands of Australians saw our products on the legendary breakfast show. 


About Remarkable Outdoor Living

For over two decades, the company has been delivering high-quality outdoor furniture at a reasonable price. Remarkable Outdoor Living works directly with manufacturers, which allows the company to cut out the middleman and ensure that the price tag of the pieces is lower than that of the competitors.

My main aim with the project was to showcase how well the beautiful products fit in luxurious interiors. And ‘Win-a-Home’ was the perfect place for that as the project typically features multi-million-dollar homes that the majority of viewers might be dreaming about. 

Though there can be just one winner, I am sure that the image of Remarkable Outdoor Living’s outdoor furniture will stay with the viewers for quite a while. And once they head over to the company’s website, they will be pleasantly surprised by the price point of the products. 

Remarkable Outdoor Living Case Study - To Sum Up

I always try to encourage my clients to dream big, no matter at what point of their business journey they are right now. 

The case of Remarkable Outdoor Living is the ideal example of my philosophy and marketing approach. We shot for the stars and ended up higher than anyone dared to expect. Remarkable Outdoor Living’s furniture did not just get featured in one of the most popular breakfast shows in Australia, we also got to participate in a wonderful project that changes the lives of the people for the better. 

This case elevated the brand’s image and increased customer engagement. But there is no time to rest. Now, I am planning to take advantage of the campaign’s success and take the steps necessary to multiply it.

All-in-all, our team is extremely proud of this achievement which wouldn’t have been possible without the development of an effective marketing strategy. The results that we have already reached after I joined the project are truly remarkable, and I’m positive that with the right approach, there is a lot more to come. So, stay tuned. 

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