Common Google My Business Problems & Solutions

Google My Business(GMB) is a one-stop platform for many businesses & brick-and-mortar stores to control their presence on Google SERP and Google map. However, with more complex attributes adding in over the year,  business owners find it challenging to manage GMB account to achieve a better ranking. What's more, it's even more confusing when the account got suspended. I will list some common issues and recommended solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spammy and Fake Competitor Listings Dominating the Search Results

1. Look for the spammy listing in Google search result page (SERP) or Google map.
2. Click on the Suggest an edit link and correct the content. Or report it as spam.
3. If the suggested edit gets no response or the spammy listing is clearly voliolating the rules. Go filling out the Redressal form. The turnaround time is usually 2 weeks.
Check My Rate Here"Suggest an edit" in Google My Business Listing| Marketing

Google My Business Listing Get Suspended

1. Read through the Google My Business guidelines to identify which rules your listing violated.
2. Fix the issues with your listing and then fill out a reinstatement request.(Only fill out the request once)
3. Better post your problem in Google My Business Help Forum to look for some help.
Googme My Business Suspension

Former employee/competitor posts negative reivews on your listing

1. This kind of reviews violates Google’s User Contributed Content Policy’s Conflict of Interest guideline.
2. Flag this review as inappropriate. Log into your Google My Business account, click the "Reviews" tab, find the three dots on the upper right corner of each review card and mark it as "Flag as inappropriate".
3. If the review is not removed, you can contact Google My Business Support.
Review from conflict of interest - Example from GoogleFlag review as inappropriate - Example from Google

Specify a section on your webpage that should not be included in a snippet preview on Google

“data-nosnippet” HTML attribute allows you to specify a section on your webpage that should not be included in a snippet preview on Google. When applied to relevant attributes for offers (price, availability, ratings, image) removes the textual, image and rich snippet for this page on Google and removes the listing from any free listing experiences.

Example:<div data-nosnippet class="bed-works text-center"><img src="" alt=""><p>If you’re looking to .....</p></div>
Specify a section on your webpage that should not be included in a snippet preview on Google | source: Google

My Google My Business Post Got Rejected

1. Typically posts are rejected due to content or because of the photo/image being used or if your business is in a “sensitive” topics area".
2. Google is now rejecting many posts with phone numbers or URLs.
3. The word may seem benign, but it may be on Google’s “offensive” word list.
4. Remove the elements that might violate the policy on your post.

Where I can find the offical guideline from Google?

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What If I Can’t Find a Category That Fits My Business Model?

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Selecting your categories – especially your primary category – is particularly important because your categories directly impact rankings.Before you select your categories, take a look at the website for a list of all the Google My Business categories available. Warning: Changing your GMB category too often can sometimes trigger a suspension or cause Google to re-verify your GMB listing. Select your categories carefully and don’t make changes unless you absolutely have to.

What Should I Do to Report And Escalate A Local Review?

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Google My Business has launched a tool where you can not only see the reviews for your business, but also quickly report those reviews for policy violations and even better, check the status or reviews you already reported. Plus, if that review was not removed, you can quickly submit an appeal.
Use this tool to report reviews for removal and check the status of reviews you've already escalated. Reviews that violate the Google review policies can be removed from Business Profiles on Google.
Recently, Google opened up the Google Business Profiles maps reviews tool to those who manage over 10 accounts. Previously, the tool only worked for those who managed a limited number of accounts.