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There's No Business Like Your Business

Australia has a unique culture when it comes to message delivery - the Australian irreverence & egalitarian. They provide a friendly marketing environment for individual and collective beings for expressing their value with fewer barriers. With that in mind, every creative/business like your business is unique and just waiting for the right channel to shine. No matter you are a small cafe owner in Surry Hills or a service provider targeting all Sydneysiders, can help you build up your online profile and optimise it to optimal market value. 

As a Sydney-based freelance marketer, I have an MBA degree and five years of sales & marketing experience in various industries - Advertising, Mobile Application, Foreign Trade, Furniture, retail. From business-to-business to business-to-customer, my goal is becoming a firm hand to help your business grow., as a personal brand, offers paid search(Google), paid social (Facebook) campaign optimisation, website audit, graphic design & copy-writing service. Drop me a message today!

Facebook Campaign Audit 's Facebook campaign audit offers you a unique opportunity to evaluate your current campaign setting. If you are still feeling blank in this area, I can help you map your business objective and set up a good foundation for your Ads campaign. If you are a medium-size business and already has a mature online presence. My experience enables me to pick up what you left off and get back on track. Your growth on click-through rate(CTR), Conversion rate(CVR) and return of Ads spend (ROAS) are my ultimate goal. Click here to see more details!

Google Ads Audit

Google is considered to dominate 90% of the organic traffic market. With that in mind, maximise your presence in its search engine result page is the key to conquer the search market. However, keywords research can be a pain in the A, and you can quickly get confused. My goal in the Google Ads audit is to help you organise your keywords in a hierarchy level, make sure that you will gain every impression for your core content. My average CTR on Google Ads is 1.78%

Website Audit

When you start building a website, you are opening the door and telling the world "I' am ready and show you what I've got".  But it takes time the present the right message to your audience. Your audience is not just your customer - the search engine is also included. As such, your website might need an audit in on-page SEO, off-page SEO and site re-structure.  What's more, your content, call-to-action and creative might need a hand to be polished. is here to help you to get optimal user experience.

Graphic design & Copy Writing Service has two talented graphic designer and copy-writer standing by to make sure you get the help you need. They all have more than five years of experience, and they are good at stretching on various perspective. This will be an extra cost service.