July 31, 2023
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Being happy at home includes having a great bedroom environment to retreat and relax in at the end of the day. So often we come home after a busy schedule filled with demands and struggle to find that perfect sleeping position to relax in – maybe it’s your old unsuitable mattress or base, or that your body’s needs have changed over the years. You don’t have to suffer unsatisfactory rest – Invest in Better Sleep at BedWorks and wake up feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed for your day!

Bedworks  - Invest in Better Sleep

At BedWorks we pride ourselves on having the best Australian-made custom bed frames and ensemble ranges to buy plus a wide range of premium brand mattresses for your sleeping pleasure. We specialise in e-commerce and are Sydney’s Original Custom Bed Shop – in business for 15 years to serve, educate and satisfy our customers. Our timber and upholstery bed products carry the convenience of being custom-made – if the size, style or specification of your preferred frame is not available we can customise your order to suit your needs. We stock leading Australian fabric brands and use sustainably-sourced plantation timber in our frames to create products that will be long-lasting and serve you well. To make your new bed complete we also supply premium mattress products from Domino, AH Beard, Magniflex, Reverie, Comfort Sleep, Luxury Hotel Collection plus there’s our Danish-designed Innovation Living sofa-bed range offering the best in European style and convenient space-saving options. You can view, buy and organise the delivery of all our products online as well as visit our Sydney showrooms where many of our ranges are on display.

Bedworks - The Original Custom Bed Shop

People have individual needs and comforts when it comes to their beds - at BedWorks we understand this. If you are a sleeper who experiences discomfort, pain, disturbed rest or insomnia, have other medical needs or are recovering from an operation, come in and test our large range of premium support ensembles to assist with your rehabilitation. Or perhaps you are entering a new life stage – moving out, new partners, downsizing, retirement – and want to spruce up your bedroom décor. We can help you whatever your needs – catering for budget buyers right up to those who’d like an Italian gold-leaf edged bed as the ultimate statement in luxury! If you have also enjoyed relaxing on a comfortable ensemble while staying in a hotel and want to explore purchasing the same brand for home, we can help you with our Luxury Hotel Collection range. We promote our ‘Test It, Love it, Own It’ option, where you can come into our showrooms to trial the product of your choice, then arrange custom purchase options so your new bedroom furniture can be delivered to you straight away.

Test it, Love it, Own it! - How to choose your perfect bed!

Our position as a premium custom bedding supplier means we have updated our logo to represent a renewed commitment to deeper sleep and comfort for our customers. Our dark blue background evokes peace and restful slumber for all, no matter the products you choose, while the curved eye line gives you our company’s reassurance of comfort and support every night you sleep. We have also simplified our branding font style to be neat and clean, just like our products! Contact our sales team today for more information or come into our showrooms to find your ultimate restful sleep.

Bedworks New Logo Design Concept
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Head to BedWorks for Your Best Bed’

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