5 Personality types for bloggers – which one are you

5 Personality types for bloggers – which one are you

July 31, 2023
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You’re going to start a blog. That’s fantastic! But before you go out to purchase the domain name or plan out that first post, it’s essential to decide your approach.

Starting a Blog — Things to Consider

What type of blogger are you going to be?

What are your motivations and objectives for blogging?

The answers to these questions will have a tremendous impact on you, as a writer, and the blog that you create. In the blogging world, there are few things worse than realizing you need to re-brand and take up an entirely new approach mid-stream.

Blogging is all about developing a readership with an audience. It’s about establishing yourself in a niche. Switching your approach mid-stream may destroy your readership and all that you’ve worked to achieve thus far. Therefore, it’s best to embark upon your blogging journey on the right path — the path you really want to be on!

Also, consider the viability of your blog topic. Can you write 100, 200, 300, or 1,000 posts on this topic? Ideally, you should have at least 100-200 potential post topics when you begin. If you struggle to think of more than a couple dozen post ideas, then you may need to change your approach or broaden your niche.

Motivations for Blogging

Honestly consider your motivations and reasons for blogging. 

  • Are you working to establish your expertise in a particular niche? 
  • Are you looking to promote a business or product? 
  • Are you seeking to refine and establish your personal brand? 
  • Do you wish to chronicle your life in a diary-style blog? I
  • s your primary goal to earn money? 
  • To voice your opinion?

You need to establish your intentions from day one. Many bloggers will blend two or more blogging styles, which is perfectly acceptable. It’s not the style of blogger that matters; it’s the fact that you have and know what your style is!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of bloggers and blogging styles.

Hobby Bloggers

Hobby bloggers - Build up Your Blog Based on Your Hobby
Hobby bloggers - Build up Your Blog Based on Your Hobby

Hobby bloggers focus on a very specific topic or interest. Popular hobby blogging topics include photography, genealogy, cooking, parenting, music and art. Their motivation is to share their knowledge and to connect with others who love the same topic.

Authority Bloggers

Authority bloggers has the knowledge and reputation
Authority bloggers has the knowledge and reputation

Authority bloggers are experts or an ‘authority’ on a particular topic or subject. Authority bloggers are often regarded as some of the most knowledgeable individuals in their field. If your goal is to educate and to share your expertise, while establishing your status as an authority on a particular topic, this approach may work nicely for you.

Pro Bloggers

pro bloggers

Pro bloggers approach this craft as a profession and many are professional writers who make a living as a blogger. These writers work hard and they reap the results of their commitment and hard work. Pro bloggers are very committed and they wouldn’t miss a day of blogging for anything, even if the world came to an end!

Journal Bloggers

journal bloggers

Journal bloggers approach blogging as a public journal or diary of sorts. Journal bloggers often focus on a particular niche, such as raising children, career, pets, travel or domestic life. This form of blogging is very expressive and personal, but beware: it entails ‘putting yourself out there’ to a large degree.

Creative Bloggers

creative bloggers

Creative bloggers are creative individuals who write simply for the sake of writing. They may specialize in poetry, short stories, post photos, quotes and other creative content. Creative writers also extend into the world of photo blogging and postcasting, among other creative outlets.

So what type of blogger are you?

Remember, you don’t need to fall into a single category. Many bloggers are hybrids, blending more than one approach. Understanding your approach is an important first step if you’re preparing to launch a new blog! So explore your motivations, your plans for your new site and remember: you can always have more than one blog!

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