HideAway Body Custard vs Other Brands

HideAway Body Custard vs Other Brands

August 5, 2021
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HideAway Body Custard vs other Brands

Body Custards are nourishing skin lotions, perfect for keeping you silky-soft and hydrated after a shower. Below we will check out the super popular HideAway Body Custards and see how it compares to two other brands.

HideAway sell beautiful artisan soaps and wholesome body products

HideAway Body Custard

HideAway sell beautiful artisan soaps and wholesome body products, They have over 40 different varieties of Body Custards to choose from. 

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Just the very popular Vanilla Caramel scented body custard alone has over 200 very positive reviews. It has 5 stars, and so do all of the body custards. Most seem to rave about the scent and how moisturizing it is. 

Another regular mention in all the reviews is that the yummy scent stays on the skin for a long time, many getting asked what perfume they wear. 


The brand makes products by hand, using natural and local ingredients, including organic oils.

Highlights are natural shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, and sweet almond oil.

It does not specify exactly how the body custard gets the sweet smell as only ‘fragrance’ is listed on the ingredients. However, the about page mentions they use ‘fragrance oils’ so it is assumed that these are natural.


About $19.95 for 200grams 



Fake Treats Body Custards

Fake Treats is another hand-crafted option. 

Their Body Custards also come in a range of over 15 different yummy scents, including cotton candy and juicy watermelon. 


To be fair, the Fake Treats Body Custards have far fewer product reviews on their website. There are only a few. However, the scents that were reviewed were positive and 5-stars! The reviews mention the nice scent, it helped their skin and that it wasn’t oily.

However, on Facebook, there are over 130 reviews about the business - almost all positive with a 4.9-star rating overall. 


Features almond oil and apricot kernel oil, but no natural butter (like shea butter) like the HideAway options has.

It has ‘skin safe’ listed on the ingredients list regarding the colour and fragrance added. However, it is unclear if these are natural ingredients. 




Approximately $17.99 for 250ml

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The Scent Lab

Body Custards by The Scent Lab also come in over 40 different scents. They are vegan-friendly and paraben-free.


The brand has over 150 reviews on Facebook, which are almost all positive. Everyone seems to rave about the nice smelling products in general.

As for the Body Custards, there aren't many direct reviews. One commenter mentioned the Lemon Meringue smells amazing though.


Safflower oil and almond oil seem to be the highlights, as well as fragrance oil for the amazing scents.


$10 for 125g or $18 for 250g

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Both Fake Treats and The Scent Lab are very similar in price and ingredients. They have positive brand reviews, but not so many individual body custards ones. 

HideAway is a slightly more expensive choice. However, with the quality, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and natural oils - it is probably worth that little bit more. Plus, there are an epic amount of positive reviews for every scent.

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