Ovira vs. Livia vs. Zoetech: Which Period Pain Relief Reigns Supreme?

Ovira vs. Livia vs. Zoetech: Which Period Pain Relief Reigns Supreme?

July 31, 2023

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See Who Comes Out On Top For Period Pain Relief

The millions of women who experience period pain know that “pain” doesn’t begin to describe the impact it makes on their lives.

Cramps can be debilitating, with stabbing and sharp pain that be long-lasting and constant. Doctors have even described such cramps as being as painful as a heart attack.

In recent years, new products have been created to assist women who experience period pain regularly, including Ovira, Livia, and Zoetech.

Let’s take a close look at Ovira, Livia, and Zoetech and reveal uncover the best period of pain treatment value for your money. 

Read How TENS Helps Me In Muscle Pain

Ovira, Livia and Zoetech: The Basics

All three use a variation on the TENS machine for period pain relief. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, utilizes a very mild electrical current to induce pain relief

They are battery-operated, small devices connected to the body with electrodes, sticky pads commonly used with other medical devices. When attached to your skin, the small impulses reduce pain signals and help relax muscles. 

Read More on How TENS Works Here

Ovira uses a TENS device called Noha, highly regarded for its ability to interrupt pain signals. Livia uses a device called Livia, while Zoetech calls their device the Tens Machine.

Ovira vs. Livia vs. Zoetech Comparison Chart

Period Pain Relief Device Comparison Ovira AU Livia Zoetech Tenscare AU Winner
Device Noha Device Liva Tens Machine Perfect TENS
Reviews 4.8⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review Here 3⭐⭐⭐ Review Here 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review here 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review Here Ovira has 5-star customer service
Price (USD) --- --- --- --- Livia
One-time Price $207 $199 $160 $95
Promotion Extra 3-month supply of Sticky Gel ($19 Worth)


$124 Now

20% Off
Subscription Plan Coming Soon! $7/month + $29 Sign up Fee 4 Months Minimum
Gel Refill Cost $25 for 12 packs (120 applications, 6 months) $29 for 6 months supply (Free in subscription plan) $24 for 4 packs (100 applications) $24 for 3 packs of 4 (300 applications)
Product Features --- --- --- --- Ovira & Livia
Instant, drug-free relief
Battery Life Maximum of 12 hours Maximum of 15 hours Maximum of 5 hours 2 x AA batteries
Gel Pads (One-time) 5-month supply 3-month supply 3-month supply 4 large electrode pads
Additional Accessories (other than gel pads)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Storage Pouch
  • Love Handles
  • Y Cable
  • Love Handle Storage Disc (For Handles)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Flower Pads
  • 1 Colorful Cover
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 3 TENS Gel Pads
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Storage Pouch
  • Neck Cord
  • Belt Clip
Design Orange egg design 6 colors to choose from Blue wing design Remote design
Safety --- --- --- --- Ovira
FDA Approved (US)
TGA Registered (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods)
CE Marked (EU)
Added Value --- --- --- --- Ovira
Trial Period Risk-free 100 day trial 120 days money back guarantee!120-Days Return shipping cost NOT covered 30 Days 30 Days
Full Free Return ❌ (Shipping cost not covered) ✔ (AU only)
Free Shipping (US & CA) ✔ (US only)
Free Shipping (AU)
Free Shipping (UK & EU) ✔ (UK only)
Same Day Delivery ✔*
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years ❌ (Not available) 4 Years (Need Registration)
Website Ovira AU Livia Zoe Tech Tenscare AU

Price Comparison 

Livia is the most expensive at $199, followed by Zoetech at $160. Ovira is the most affordable at $139. You might argue that Livia has a ongoing discount to $129 which gives an extra advantage in pricing. However, Ovira's standard package has 2+3 sets of sticky gel (5 months of supply) which is 2 months more than Livia. If we calculate in monetary value, Ovira is $9 cheaper than Livia. What's more, Ovira's customer reviews & social proof are far much better than Livia (Check the Ovira review here). It seems like there are more than 95% positive reviews over the social media which strengthens Ovira's advantage.

Edit as of 12 May 2022: I found out that Ovira has raised its price to USD $207 or AUD $189, this means Livia just gains its advantage on pricing because of USD $78 -- Livia now is $78 cheaper. In this case I would recommend trying Livia for non-Australian price sensitive customers. You might ask: why you still recommend Australians using Ovira? ---- The AUD $189 pricing is still competitive and Ovira's team is based in Sydney. Apart from its 5-start customer service, you will get a peace of mind when the product is sold locally.

Ovira's Noha Kit Unboxing | DEANLONG.io
Ovira's Noha Kit Unboxing

Product Features and Safety

Ovira and Livia both provide instant relief that is drug-free, with long battery lives (Ovira: 12 hours; Livia: 15 hours; Zoetech: 5 hours). While Ovira offers 5-month supply of gel pads, Livia & Zoetech come with a 3-month supply of gel pads, with both Ovira and Livia offering an additional 120 gel applications lasting 6 months at just $29. Zoetech only offers 100 applications at $24 a pop. 

In addition to gel pads, Ovira includes both a USB charging cable and a handy storage pouch, while Livia includes a charging cable and a carrying case. Zoetech also has a USB charging cable.

Ovira edges out the pack in safety. It’s the only one of the three that is both approved by the FDA and fully registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Ovira's Noha device product page. Highlight the certification ""Noha Device is FDA approved, TGA registered and CE marked
Noha Device is FDA approved, TGA registered and CE marked | Source: https://ovira.com.au/products/ovira-noha-device

Does TENS Device Work With Titanium Implants?

First and foremost, my first recommendation is to consult your doctor or physician before you make a purchase. One of my readers tried to purchase a device, but she was concerned about the titanium implants. So she sent me a message: 

My daughter has a titanium pin in her tibia that was placed there after a spiral fracture of her tibia. Will the titanium pin in my daughter's tibia be a cause for problems in regards to the electrical impulses from Ovira device or a similar device?

Again, please directly consult your doctor for medical advice. But out of curiosity, I consulted with Ovira & did some research online. In this article, it describes that the current & amount of energy in the TENS machine is not strong enough to make a negative impact:

Electrical stimulation modalities (TENS, Interferential, NMES etc) are not contraindicated as the amount of energy applied is not sufficient to cause a detrimental heating effect in the tissues surrounding the implant, though the presence of metal in the tissues will almost certainly distort the pathway taken by the applied current and may therefore generate some unexpected effects in terms of sensation experienced by the patient.

What's more, I directly consulted with the Ovira team, and their reply is positive too. TENS machine like Ovira is compatible with titanium implants.

Added Value

Ovira wins this category as well. It boats a risk-free 100-day trial period and has free shipping in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Livia only offers free shipping in the U.S. and Canada, with Zoetech’s free shipping only applying to Australia.

Ovira is also the only one of the three to offer same-day delivery and a full free return.

Shipping cost is not covered for returns with Livia, and a full free return of Zoetech is only available in Australia. In addition, Zoetech does not offer any type of warranty on their website, while both Ovira and Livia offer two-year warranties.

Ovira Period Pain Relief Device Look - White, Round Egg Shape | DEANLONG.io

Customer Reviews 

Ovira is highly regarded for its customer service, as evidenced by its average customer reviews of 4.8 stars and thousands of perfect 5-star reviews.

Users consistently rave about Ovira’s instant pain relief without the need for strong pain killers, and how it is particularly helpful for those with endometriosis.

Livia boasts an average review of 3 out of 5 stars, with Zoetech averaging 4-star reviews from customers. Below is 5-star review from Livia:

Livia - The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

In addition, my friend Jess and I also have tired Ovira's Noha kit and we both have out own opinions:

The Bottom Line

For period pain relief, Ovira is the total package, blending affordability, innovative yet easy-to-use technology, and unmatched customer support and value. Let's recap all the values of our period pain relief stars here:

Person reading a red book

What My Friend Says About Ovira (Customer Review)

Jess is one of my best friends in Australia. She is the nicest girl I have ever seen, and she’s also addicted to the gym just like me (She’s even better!). So this year in July, I was thinking hard to come out with a good gift idea for her birthday. Ovira immediately popped up in my head.

I have been using TENS for my muscle pain for two months, and the experience couldn't be better. More importantly, Ovira is originally designed for period pain relief. With that in mind, I decided to buy one for the lovely Jess.

It's been one and a half months for Jess to use Ovira. And I asked if she could write a customer review for my blog to share her experience using the TENS machine. The feedback is very positive. Let's have a look

Jess is being a challenge beast  | DEANLONG.io
Jess is being a challenge beast

Jessica: I tried Ovira’s Period Pain solution and I’m hooked (literally)… 

So I recently had a lockdown Birthday, and while it definitely wasn’t the Queen’s Birthday level of Celebration, it was actually pretty good, considering the circumstances. I attribute this enjoyable birthday to the immense love and care that I received from my Friends and Family. To my surprise, I was showered with gifts upon gifts (a sure-fire way to brighten anyone’s day).

One of these gifts was the Ovira (Thanks Dean).

For those of you who haven’t yet been exposed to this wonderful device, it’s a science-based, wearable device which reduces the pain signals to your brain. Designed with the purpose of alleviating period cramps, the Ovira used TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation) technology to overload your nerves and block pain signals. 

I’ll be honest. At first glance, I was sceptical as to how such a cute, and aesthetically-pleasing, little device would be able to even remotely help the earth-shattering cramps which I am blessed with each month. 

Well, I’ll be darned. 

Upon charging it up and hooking myself up to the ‘love handles’, I was shocked. After adjusting the intensity of the electrical pulses, I began to receive a very pleasant massage. For such a small device, it really packs a punch! 

The best way I can describe it is that it is a mini (in size, not massage intensity) massage gun in the form of two ‘love handles’ which you stick to your skin. I can confirm that it absolutely helped with my cramps. And for that in itself, I can recommend it.

However, its uses aren’t limited to period cramps. 

As an avid fitness enthusiast who lifts weights daily, I am perpetually sore and tight. Given Ovira suggested use on your ‘tummy or back’, I figured I could use it on other areas of my body. So, I decided to attach it against my sore muscles, and see if it provided relief there, too. 

The verdict? 


Ever since I realised how effective it is at soothing sore muscles, I’ve barely parted with it. Except to charge it – which isn’t very often, considering it has a 12- hour battery life...

The best thing about it, is that it’s so lightweight that it can be worn underneath your clothes, and everyone around you is none the wiser! So, whenever I’m feeling especially sore, I now just chuck it on underneath my clothes and let it do its job. 

Its sophisticated design means that you can tuck it in your pocket and forget about it (while enjoying a very intense massage). 


Words cannot express how impressed I am with its pain-relieving properties. Judging off appearance alone, it’s really easy to underestimate the power of the Ovira. 

The strength of the pulses is genuinely mind-blowing. I’ll admit that I scoffed at the reviews which claimed that the highest setting was too intense and that they had to decrease the intensity. But honestly, I too, had to dial it down a bit. Just a testament to how powerful the Ovira is, really. 

While it definitely isn’t cheap (retailing for $139 AUD on the Ovira website), if you’re someone who gets really bad cramps that prevent you from carrying out daily activities, I genuinely think it is worth the investment. 

A portable, science-backed, instant pain-relief device, which you can wear all day long? Hook me up!

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