Facebook Campaign Audit

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Facebook Campaign Audit

$ 100.00 AUD
$ 120.00 AUD

Why do you need Facebook Advertising?

Almost 70% of digital ad spending going to Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Facebook, in particular, takes up 83% of the paid social campaign budget. The demands always generate the market - With a daily usage by two-thirds of Australians on Facebook, it's no doubt that social media & Facebook advertising are essential for further market acquisition. 

Why do you need a Facebook Ad Campaign Audit

The differences of the consumer demand have resulted in the variety of the same sort of commodities. Still, the best allocation scheme is not for the cluster that has the most consumers all the time. This also applies to paid social channel advertising. With 11 different objectives on offer, it's so easy to get confused in a campaign setting. 

Your in-house Facebook marketing expert

That's where I step in. With five years of hands-on experience on Facebook Ad, I can help you to plan your objective, map your value proposition and set up your Facebook ad campaign. My campaign usually achieves a 2-4% click-through rate and has a 10-20% conversion growth in every 4-month. My successful track record proves the clarity, effectiveness and expertise in Facebook Ad. Simply submit your expression of interest, and I will book a call and discuss your need further. 

What's my rate & what does it include?

Rate: AUD 100/hour

  • Call or on-site visit 
  • Facebook campaign set-up.
  • Facebook campaign review 
  • Facebook campaign re-structure
  • Facebook campaign Strategy

In details, I will be reviewing the following aspect:

  • Account & Campaign setting
  • Creative & Copy review
  • Target audiences and placement review
  • Facebook page optimisation
  • Graphic design (extra cost)
  • Facebook Ad structure and tracking
  • Campaign Name method
  • Performance evaluation 

My previous work examples are attached as images.

Please refer to term of service for more terms and conditions.

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