Google Ads Campaign Audit

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Google Ads Campaign Audit

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A Health Check For Your Google Campaign

A Google Ads account audit is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your accounts. An inspection can reveal painful hidden issues that need to be addressed. Completing a Google Ads audit means doing a thorough check of your account and campaigns. I will dig around to find out where your money is spent, where results are coming from, and how it can be improved overall. Audits can uncover where ad spend is wasted and can even lead to new campaign ideas.

What are the common issues in Google Ads?

Campaign structure and keyword usages are the keys to maintain healthy campaign well-being. Some common mistakes will have a long term negative impact on Google AI bidding and campaign management from your in-house marketer:

  • Messy campaign naming structure
  • Overloading ads in one Ad set
  • Lack of tracking and performance evaluation
  • Inappropriate channels and locations
  • Fail to choose the right bidding options
  • Unfamiliar with the latest feature that might be beneficial to the business

Boost Up Your Campaign Performance

In this Google Ads audit, you will receive an examination in the following facets:

Review goals:

  • What are your conversion goals for the company?
  • What are the conversion goals in Google Ads?
  • Can you track performance beyond ads (for leads, sales, or traffic)?

Review Account Structure (Objective-based):

  • Do the campaigns successfully indicate different setting level segments (geo targeting, day parting, campaign level bids, campaign-level budgets)?
  • Do the campaigns provide meaningful roll-up reporting for the ad groups that fall within them?
  • Are the campaigns easy to compare to each other and optimise budgets?

Account & Campaign Settings


  • Are negative keywords in use?
  • Does the search query report show any keywords that are off-topic for the subject matter and conversion goals?
  • Are there terms that have zero conversions yet have high impressions, clicks, and/or spend?
  • Are there keywords that have low-quality scores?
  • Are the keyword specific max CPCs set at an optimal level?
  • Are there any terms that are out of line with expected or desired CPC, CTR, conversion, or conversion rate targets?


  • Two ad creatives in each ad group.
  • Use of dynamic keyword insertion and performance against a static headline.
  • Use of calls to action in ad headlines and effectiveness.
  • Are there ads with mid- to low-quality scores?

Landing Pages

  • Is there a good headline and clear call to action on the page?
  • Do the user-input forms work?
  • Is there a dedicated call tracking number?
  • Does the form submit to a thank you message or page that contains the conversion tracking code?
  • Are the quality scores of ads linking to each respective landing page mid to high?

Google Ads audits are a great way to improve the performance of your account and reduce costs. Whether you are seeking advices from or looking to improve your own, audits are a critical step in determining what needs to be improved. Utilise this step-by-step audit to make changes to your account quickly. Repeat the audit process every few weeks or every month to reap the biggest rewards. In either case, if you’re looking for help with a Google Ads audit or PPC in general, be sure to fill out a proposal request. 🙂

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