What is Blog Branding and Why Does Your Blog Need a Brand Identity?

What is Blog Branding and Why Does Your Blog Need a Brand Identity?

July 31, 2023
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The blogosphere has never been so competitive, so branding is more critical than ever before. But many overlook the concept of branding when it comes to a blog, while others have absolutely no idea how to go about branding. So let's examine what branding is and why it's important.

What is Branding?

Branding is a multi-faceted concept that encompasses a broad range of elements that, as a whole, comprise a cohesive and memorable image or identity. For a blog, your brand identity should embody a specific feel or aesthetic that is consistent with the blog's niche.

You can think of your blog's brand like a personality and image combined into one. For example, a technology blog may have a very modern, minimalist and high-tech brand identity. You might have clean lines and minimalist blog layout, combined with crisp images and a modern, sleek, tech-inspired logo. Pictures and graphics should all share a unique feel and aesthetic.

Your blog's brand should include:

  • A logo;
  • A colour scheme which is constant throughout the logo, site design and all graphics;
  • A specific font;
  • A distinctive style of images or graphics; and
  • A unique blog/website design.

Your blog's brand image as a whole should evoke some sort of feeling or association, such as "modern and minimalist" or "classic and shabby chic" or "cute and wholesome." For instance, if you have a country home blog, then you may enjoy a brand identity that's a vintage country with a twist of shabby chic.

For maximum impact, choose a brand identity that's consistent with your blog niche. Don't use a country/western brand identity for a blog on eco-friendly living. And don't use an "organic" nature-inspired brand identity for an investing blog. The brand personality should "make sense" for the niche.

Why is Blog Branding Important?

Blog branding is essential in today's tech-centric world, where websites and blogs are a dime a dozen. You need something that makes your blog memorable and recognizable.

Think of the role of a product's branding. The logo and branding elements convey information about the type of product, its use and even price point. The branding makes a particular product line identifiable and memorable. And once you buy one product that you enjoy, you're more apt to purchase other products from the same brand.

The same applies to your blog. Branding is vital for creating a memorable entity in a highly competitive blogosphere. Plus, you can also leverage this brand identity to promote and market your blog. For instance, you can create memes or quotes with your logo and images, colours and fonts that are consistent with your brand. You can then share these on social media, promoting brand recognition in a subtle but effective way.

The most common challenge with blog branding is consistency. If you alter your colour scheme, font or style of images/graphics, you risk confusing people and losing that vital element of recognition.

When I was working for Bedworks, I am honoured to launch a rebranding program. We received a lot of positive feedbacks from our customers, and it turns out the design is the key to grasp the attention. Let's take a look at how they do it.

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