Linktree vs By – Which Is Better?

Linktree vs By – Which Is Better?

July 31, 2023

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Linktree vs By - Which Is Better?

Are you getting frustrated with only being allowed to include one link in your Instagram bio? Have you seen a long list of tools that allow you to amalgamate all of your links to other socials, music, podcasts, videos and more all whilst having them conveniently placed under one link?

There are many tools that you can implement in your Instagram bio to store all your desired useful links that you want your feed to be able to have access to. Some of these useful tools include Linktree and, But which is better, Linktree or from's Linktree Profile & by Profile Comparison
My Linktree Profile & by Profile

What Is A Link In Bio Tool?

Link in bio tools have become a popular trend on the social media platform Instagram. But Instagram originally only allowed users to implement their links in their profile bio. This made it difficult to drive any sort of traffic from your social media to your business website. However, Instagram only allows for the use of one link in your profile bio.

Many users quickly found this created a number of difficulties when they wanted to link their followers to their other platforms or websites. For example, a YouTuber might want to have a link to their latest YouTube video and a link to their online store, but could only use one link in their bio so they were forced to choose one at a time.

This is where the birth of the link in bio tool boom began. You can now find a number of different tools such as Linktree or an increasingly popular choice is which is a new Linktree alternative.

The link in bio tools allow users to add a number of links to a website like a platform where all of their links can be easily viewed and accessed from one place. In short, a link in bio tool provides you with a URL unique to you, which stores all of the content.

Link in bio examples by Linktree (Middle & Right) and

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Link In Bio Tool?

There are many benefits of using a link in bio tool. Some of these include:

Generate More Leads

Linktree and other Linktree alternatives such as often provide users with lead generation functions, allowing users to target and grow their audience by potentially driving more traffic to other platforms. I personally using Linktree's SMS, Email & Form links to collect my clients' questions.

Monetization With Link In Bio Tools

Tools like Linktree allow you to collect payments made directly through the landing page, however by does not yet allow for this feature.

Imagining this, whether you are running a restaurant or an Airtasker business, your customers don't usually carry the cash. EFT or POS machine costs money and requires a monthly subscription fee, but now, you have a one-stop solution with a link-in-bio tool like Linktree. Your customer will be able to make card payments via trusted payment providers in a fast, secured way. You can accept payments, fast!

Grow Your Brand

You can customise to match your brand and help use the link in bio tools to grow your brand identity. Why? Link in bio tool allows you to customise the look to fit your brand image. Just like designing your landing page, you can add a background, design the button style and attach a thumbnail to every link. If you don't have a website, use it as your single-page website.

Increased Affiliate Sales

By using bio link tools you can add a number of affiliate links within your custom URL landing page for your followers to check out. if you are an influencer and working with many brands on your Instagram. You can include all your affiliate links in your Instagram bio link. Streamline multiple links into one.

Linktree vs Comparison

Both Linktree and the alternative,, offer a simple, effective solution for the one link limit that many social media platforms force upon users. Each tool has many reasons why you should think about using them.

When looking at an overall Linktree and comparison it is very easy to see that Linktree holds a lot more over the Linktree alternative, by Linktree offers users unlimited accounts compared to only offers one account per Instagram profile with their tool. User Interface
You can only have one account associate to one Instagram account

Linktree has a user base of 18 million people compared to that of only 5 million users who use Having almost four times the user base, Linktree is a trusted and well-developed platform which many users feel comfortable using. What's more, having more users doesn't mean you have less chance to get your unique username. only allows you to have one link in bio profile per Instagram account while Linkree doesn't have this limit.

Linktree Review From Trustpliot | Linktree's customer review
Linktree Review From Trustpliot

One big advantage to using a tool like Linktree over is that Linktree allows for the use of music links and has the ability to syndicate with 16 different streaming platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud. unfortunately doesn't allow for any music links at all.

Linktree Music Link

Not a music content creator but another type of creator? Linktree's ve got you covered. Adult content creators have multiple platforms promoting their content. Having a bio link that houses all their links all in one page has saved tons of trouble in traffic allocation. Linktree is built with all creators in mind, it offers sensitive content warnings that fully controlled by the users. PRO version even provides gate links that are available to audiences who have your code or age verification - deliver your multiple links in a secured way.

Linktree also allows users to implement monetisation sites such as PayPal and Stripe and include shop links such as Shopify and TeeSpring, whilst isn't capable of this. This could very easily swing the tide in favour of Linktree as many people want to include links to their stores or music to drive traffic.

Linktree's Sensitive Content Warning - Suitable for Onlyfans content creators

One advantage that by does have over Linktree is the ability to plan schedule social media posts. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to gain organic growth for your social media account. I use to schedule my Linkedin & Twitter posts. However, I have to highlight that always shows connection errors with my Instagram account which makes my profile image unavailable in If you encounter the same issue, contact customer support asap. and Linktree both have 'PRO' versions where a user can pay a small monthly fee to take advantage of some extra features and additions.

  • Price for Linktree Pro - $6 per month (Localised Pricing is even cheaper!)
  • Price for by Pro - Starts from $15 per month

The pro versions of each of these tools both allow for unlimited links to be used as well as some useful features like having QR codes to scan to take you directly to the URL. Using the Pro versions of each tool will give the user a better insight into the analytics.

What Other Extra Features Does the PRO Version Provide?

Make Your Bio Link Page Pop

Linktree offers more advanced customisation on your bio link page. You can add a thumbnail to every link and highlight one of the links as your priority link to add animation to it. What's more, it's no brainer to choose Linktree due to its massive creative assets. You can either pick a template or choose loyalty-free images & videos from its creative pool.

Track Your Link-in-Bio Performance

Both platforms offer extensive tracking to provide audience insights on Location, Referrer, Device, Link Performance, Social Icons and more. Apart from that, you can customise your own UTM tag to make sure your Google Analytics is monitoring. But Linktree delivers the extra mile - your can connect your Tiktok pixel, Google Analytics tracking code (UA) and Facebook Conversion API into your user profile.

Max Out Your SEO Performance

A link in bio page provides a good place for search engines to identify all relevant links that are related to you. It helps them to create an entity (potentially a knowledge panel) for you or your busienss. Both Linktree and are high-authority website, and you links in their domain will be treated as backlinks (so take your link title seriously). Linktree in this case has its advantage again - Linktree has all the on-page SEO set up for you along with webPage & video markup. The Linktree PRO version also allows you to customise your open graph title & description so that you have a customise presence in your social sharing. by organic search result by has no SEO effect and does not differentiate you for gett more organic traffic

Which Link-in-Bio Should You Use?

The obvious choice for a link in bio tool is to use Linktree. Linktree offers a large user base and is a trusted platform to store all your links in one place to display on your social media accounts. Being able to have music links, video links and unlimited link limit, it is definitely the better choice over the Linktree alternative,

Not to mention if you want to upgrade to the pro version it really isn't breaking the bank at a mere $6 a month as opposed to the larger $15 monthly payment that requests.

Ultimately, focuses heavily on post scheduling and planning as opposed to being able to house the many links to your streaming platforms and music platforms and is probably slightly more aimed at small businesses who want to create organic social media growth and drive traffic to websites.

We firmly recommend Linktree if you want a simple one-stop solution to housing all your links to your various platforms.

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