Linktree vs - See Who Reigns Supreme On #Linkinbio

Linktree vs - See Who Reigns Supreme On #Linkinbio

July 31, 2023

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Linktree Vs - See who reigns supreme on #Linkinbio

In my last article, I introduced two awesome bio link tools - Linktree & Flowpage. If you didn't have a chance to read it through, here is a recap: Bio link tool allows you to create a personalised and easily customisable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience. Bio link tool originally shines on the Instagram landscape but now it adopts to more and more social media platforms.  Influencers & content creators often have multiple online places to demonstrate their content but Instagram only allows one website link in the bio, that's where the bio link tool comes in.

Linktree is the OG of link in bio. That's why today, we will continue using Linktree to compare another "Linktree alternative" - Brazil is 's first market, and now it expands to a global level. When I do my research, I found that is highly similar, and almost identical to Linktree.  I am not just talking about the features and functionalities, but the whole website design as well. That makes me wonder if is purely a copycat of Linktree... I hope this Linktree & comparison will help you decide ;)

Before we dig in, let's recap to see what are the benefits of using a bio link tool.'s Linktree & look - Link in bio mock up
Why my Linktree & looks like

The Benefits of Link in Bio

Essentially, a bio link tool provides you with somewhere to store all of your content and this is done by providing you with a unique URL.

Promote Across Multiple Platforms - Whether it’s Whatsapp or TikTok, you can add all of your social media profiles into one simple page. There is no need to add multiple links in one single post.

Increased Leads - Link in bio enables you to enhance lead-generation which means that you can increase your audience which eventually leads to an increase in leads.

Improved Affiliate Sales - Your custom bio link landing page can be updated so you can add a number of affiliate links and that can help to increase sales.

Professional Brand Image - Having the scope to create your own branding with colours and images, will give your brand its own identity and image.

Collect Payments - It’s possible to use your landing page to collect payments, making it easier for clients to pay for the services they choose.

Link in bio mock up from millions of creators and influencers |
Millions of creators and influencers are using bio link tool to enhance their social media bio

Linktree vs Free

Both services offer a free option for those who are looking to use the bare minimum features that they offer. However, whether this will work for you is based on what you need. The free version often provides insight but for many, it can also prove extremely useful, so it pays to compare the two.

User Base Comparison

First, let's talk about the popularity and user base. As mentioned, Linktree is the OG of #LinkinBio, which gives it a natural advantage in feature stability & development depth. Linktree now has more than 18 million users worldwide while is just a freshie in the market. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa or brands like HBO and Red Bull — have created profiles on Linktree, with those profiles receiving more than 1 billion visitors per month. With millions of happy creators growing followers with Linktree, surely it demonstrates social proof to Linktree.

Which Is Better - Linktree's Links & Buttons Or

In terms of Links and Buttons, it is clear to see that both services are almost on par. They provide unlimited links, a QR code, archive and restore links as well as social icons. However, it’s clear to see that Linktree does pull away slightly as it enables users to take advantage of further free features such as Sensitive Content Warnings, Shop Links, Form Links and SEO. looks extact the same in terms of pricing UI
Linktree's Form Link in
Linktree's Form Link is a great way for you to collect leads

Sensitive Content and Age-Sensitive Warnings

To give more context, Linktree is built with creators in mind. It allows you to mark your links as sensitive content to give profile viewers and Age-Sensitive Warnings. This adds an extra layer of security for creators from Onlyfans, JustForFans. Plus, you can set a gate link with passwords or age verification in its PRO version. We will talk about it later.

Linktree offers sensitive content warning which provides a good protection for your content

Which Is Better For E-commerce

In addition, Linktree has integrated TeeSpring, Shopify to create a window-shopping experience for Linktree e-commerce users. It creates a quicker path to purchase that converts online audiences into customers. Create a seamless shopping experience in the social media bio.

@VeganFlowerChild sells products using Linktree’s Spring store integration
@VeganFlowerChild sells products using Linktree’s Spring store integration

Which one has more SEO benefits?

If the two advantages mentioned above are still enough to convince you, Linktree's adoption in SEO definitely will blow your mind. Apart from the title tag, meta description set-up, Linktree also has webPage, videoObject schema ready for you. You don't need to do anything other than optimise your Linktree bio & upload your videos. Linktree will do all the heavy lifting to make sure Google read your content faster & easier.

Customisation & Integration

From a customisation perspective, users will find that these two are close in terms of custom profile tiles and images, username customisation and pre-designed themes but the comparison stops there. With Linktree, users can use Link Thumbnails while allows you to create Custom Favicon, giving users more customisation capabilities in terms of the landing page perspective.

Integration is where things really stand out and there are clear differences between Linktree and They both provide video integration and clubhouse integration but Linktree pulls away as it also works alongside TikTok and Pinterest, all of which helps Linktree to just edge away when it comes to offering more via its free service.

Free custom background comparison between Linktree & |
Free custom background comparison between Linktree & (Linktree wins)

Monetisation - Linktree Gives More Flexibility

Whether the payments are donations or requests, the processing fee stays at a low of 1.5 percent. Linktree is already compatible with payment processors like Square and PayPal (Stripe is on the way), so monetisation integration is a breeze for most users. However, only allows you to attach your Paypal link .

Enhanced Music Sharing In Your Bio

Linktree offers music detection that has no way to compete

Linktree PRO vs Paid Version

When it comes to upgrading, it’s natural to expect more and you will get more when it comes to all of the categories we have covered above. However, how do the paid versions of both of these services compare?

Pricing - Which One has Good Value For The Money

Linktree is US $1 more expensive than However, Linktree is very versatile in its pricing. Imagine you are in Indonesia or Brazil. You will have to pay US $4.99/month in but you only need to pay RP49,000  or R$16 per month (Equiv $3) if you are in these countries -- Linktree offers friendly pricing for local currency so you won't need to worry about breaking your bank. What's more, it offers a 1-month free trial for Linktree PRO vs only 14 days in I think we can do the math here ;)  

Collect Your Leads In A Breeze

As far as Links and Buttons go, you get additional features on top of the free version with Linktree such as Priority Links, Leap Links and Email and Music Links and this is something that can prove useful when looking at how you can make use of the links and buttons.

Email, SMS & Form Links are the perfect combination for collecting leads, making appointments and more. Your audience can submit their phone, email or even questions through these links which makes it even earlier for you to create a perfect landing page.

Linktree form link in

Make Your Bio Page Pretty

When considering customisation, there is an element of closeness between the two but once you delve into what those features offer, it is clear to see what comes out on top. Linktree will come with additional features such as Pre-Designed Themes, Animated and Video Background, Hide Branding and Button and Font Styles but also offers the same. However, Linktree sets itself apart by offering more designs with video options and that brings with it greater flexibility.

However, integration is where things become clear because Linktree really does offer much more than Users can take advantage of integration with Google Sheets, Zapier, Amazon Influence Program, TikTok Pixel, Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion API and Mailchimp Integration. While can compete with some of these, Linktree does go above and beyond to offer something more.

Which Link-In-Bio Page is Better Overall?

While the comparison might seem fairly close, this is only the case when you consider the free versions. However, venture into the paid versions, and you instantly see that Linktree does set itself apart as it brings with it some great additional features that users can truly take advantage of.

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