Linktree vs Flow Page - See Who Comes Out on Top in #linkinbio

Linktree vs Flow Page - See Who Comes Out on Top in #linkinbio

May 17, 2022

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Advantages of using a link-in-bio tool

People often ask me - what's Linktree? What do you mean by bio link tool? What do we need it? 

Simply put, a bio link tool gives you just a unique URL to house all your amazing content. Linktree now is the leader in this category, and it's an essential Instagram marketing tool for any brand or influencer and offers some unbeatable benefits:

  • Add the link in your Insta story — You can use a bio link tool to link to content from your Instagram stories.
  • Cross-platform promotion —  From Tiktok to Whatsapp, you can put all your social media profiles, including your content pages, into one bio link page. You don't have to worry about putting a wall of links in a post.
  • More Leads — Bio link tools often provide a lead-generation function so you can directly grow your audience and get more sign-ups for your newsletters,
  • More affiliate sales— you can choose to add one (or several) affiliate links to your custom bio link landing page as well as your personal/branded links.
  • Monetization — You can collect payments directly from the landing page to let your audience support you or offer convenience for your clients to pay for your services.
  • Improve brand image — You can design your own style (colour scheme, background images, font and more) to better branding and visual identity.
  • An extra social backlink - having another social profile that centralises all your important content helps Google understand your Authority in E-A-T. What's more, it's another backlink for your website.

The landing page of my bio link

Linktree and Flowpage offer an attractive solution to most social media’s one-link limit, but there are plenty of reasons you would choose one over the other.

Comparison Linktree Flowpage
Pro Price $6 per month  $9.95 per month; $95 annually 
Link Limit  Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
----------------- ----------------- -----------------
QR Code Yes  ✅ Yes  ✅

Yes  ✅

Low Transaction Fees (1.5%)

 No ❌
Advanced Customization   Yes  ✅  No ❌
Marketing Integration Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion API, TikTok Pixel, UTM Parameters    No ❌
Enhanced Analytics Yes  ✅   No ❌
Advanced Features Link scheduling, priority links, leap links    Different link types and widgets
Branding Logo Removal Yes  ✅ No ❌
Overall Linktree vs Flowpage Comparison Chart

Linktree Free vs Flowpage

When you look at the overall comparison, you might find Linktree has the maximum advantage in this competition. However, it all depends on what you need the most and what fits you the most. Linktree has 15M+ users in the bio link community globally. Most of them starts with the FREE version. With that in mind, let's compare the FREE versions and see what you can get without giving out anything from your pocket.

Comparison Linktree Flowpage
Price Free  Free 
Link Limit  Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
----------------- ----------------- -----------------
QR Code Yes  ✅ Yes  ✅

Yes  ✅

Low Transaction Fees (1.5%)

 No ❌

  Yes  ✅

Basic Profile Customization

   Yes  ✅
Marketing Integration Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion API, TikTok Pixel, UTM Parameters    Facebook Pixel
Basic Analytics Yes  ✅   Yes  ✅
Video Links YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Twitch, TikTok    Same but Tiktok
Embed Youtube Video & Twitter Card Yes  ✅ No ❌
Linktree FREE vs Flowpage Comparison Chart

When you look at the free versions of these landing pages, they may seem to go head-to-head, but there is a great divide between the pro versions. Read on to learn key details that set Linktree and Flowpage apart and which one might work best for your needs.

Linktree PRO vs Flowpage

Comparison Linktree Flowpage
Price US $6/month US$9.95/month but no more features offered 
Promotion 1-Month Free Trial No ❌
Link Limit Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
QR Code Yes  ✅ Yes  ✅

Yes  ✅

Low Transaction Fees (1.5%)

 No ❌
 Advanced Customization

Premium, animated Themes Custom Background

   Basic Profile Design
Marketing Integration Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion API, TikTok Pixel, UTM Parameters    Facebook Pixel
Enhanced Analytics  ✅ Location, Referrer, Device, Link Performance, Social Icons and more   No  ❌
Email, Phone Number Collection Yes ✅ Yes ✅
Scheduling, Priority Links, and Leap Link Functionality Yes  ✅ No ❌
Linktree PRO vs Flowpage Comparison Chart

Setting Yourself Apart with Advanced Customisation

Both Linktree and Flowpage have clean basic layouts that are easy to customise with colours and themes to match your brand, but it can be hard to stand out when you are using a standard layout.

Linktree Pro offers advanced customisation that helps set you apart from competitors and keep your page in the back of your visitor's minds. These advanced features include:

  • Premium and animated themes
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Removal of the Linktree logo
Comparison Linktree Flowpage
Bio Link Profile Background Comparison
Premium and animated themes Yes  ✅ No ❌ 
Flat Color Yes ✅ Yes ✅
Gradient Yes ✅ No ❌
Custom Image Yes  ✅ Doesn't have Canva, Unsplash Resources ❌

Yes  ✅

 No ❌
Linktree vs Flowpage Custom Background Comparison

You can choose Flat Colour, Gradient, Image and Video as your Linktree Background\
More than 8+ video categories you can choose from Linktree theme
Flowpage only offers basic static image as your background

The last feature is especially important for someone trying to keep the focus on their brand.

The Power of Analytics

Link-in-bio features are a fantastic way to collect data that will help you move forward. These launching pages have the ability to see what your visitors are interacting with. This information will help you focus on your next steps and shift your focus to the right areas.

The free version of Linktree includes a basic total click count for your links. If you want a more in-depth analysis of this information (including daily and weekly breakdowns) you will need to upgrade to pro. Fortunately, this upgrade also gives you a closer look at:

  • Visitor location
  • Click-through rates
  • Historical data
Comparison Linktree Flowpage
Linktree & Flowpage Analytics Comparison
Lifetime Analytics Yes  ✅ Yes  ✅
Custom Date Range Totals Yes ✅ No ❌
Country Report Yes ✅ No ❌
Referral Report Yes ✅ No ❌
Device Report Yes ✅ No ❌
Social Icons Report Yes ✅ No ❌
Link Analytics Yes ✅ No ❌
Linktree vs Flowpage Custom Theme Comparison

When you reach for the same information on Flowpage you can see the basic information like clicks per link, visitor sessions, and click history.

Marketing Integration

A major difference between the Pro versions of Linktree and Flowpage is the integration of marketing features like Google Analytics and Facebook Conversions API with Linktree. Compatibility with these tools builds on top of the built-in analytic programs and helps you create an accurate idea of your brand and online performance.

While Flowpage may one day have marketing integrations to match or even rival Linktree, their limited analytic information is what users currently have to work with. These basics are great for growing your brand, but they are not sustainable for long-term or advancement measurement.

Monetization Features

While you can add Venmo or Patreon links to your Flowpage to increase revenue, Linktree has an integrated monetization feature that makes it so much easier for visitors to support you directly.

Whether the payments are donations or requests, the processing fee stays at a low of 1.5 percent. Linktree is already compatible with payment processors like Square and PayPal (Stripe is on the way), so monetization integration is a breeze for most users.

You can directly collect payments in Linktree using Square or Paypal |
You can directly collect payments in Linktree using Square or Paypal

Which Link-In-Bio Page is Better Overall?

Flowpage provides a clean display with a basic array of features for free. If you have trouble because your name is already taken on Linktree you might have better success with this younger platform, but otherwise, you will get a lot more out of Linktree.

Because of the lower price point and expansive features, it is clear that Linktree is a stronger choice. Linktree is one of the oldest and most popular link-in-bio tools you will come across, meaning a lot of these features are products of experience.

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